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What YAPS is all about

There are tons of personality tests out there. From simple quizzes that tell you what movie character you are to very sophisticated psychological tests. Some are free, and some tests cost money. Some of the pages are littered with ads, some aren't even purchaseable if you aren't a trained professional.

YAPS is a bit different than your usual personality testing sites. We offer professional personality tests, developed by psychologists, administered on a nice platform, completely free of ads. There is no premium version of our service, and no hidden costs. These tests are absolutely free. Professional. And for you.

You might wonder how we are able to provide a high quality service, maintained and designed by real psychologists, and all for free? What's in it for us? Research. YAPS conducts research. May it be a poor psychology student who needs a sample for his thesis or a team of researchers that need some testing done - YAPS provides the data for them. How that works exactly is detailed out in the research section. And if you are concerned about your privacy, you can learn more here.

It's free?

Yes. It's free. We believe access to your own personality, to your inner self, should not cost anything. There are no premium services on this page. You cannot spent any money on our services. We do not sell your data, we have no ads.

How does it work?

Just pick one of our tests below. You will be asked a bit of personal data (your age, sex, country and education), and we would like your e-mail adress. We do not sell it or even save it in our database, we just need it to send back your results. Then you take the test. After the last question, your results are sent to our server. Only then do we ever get any of your data. So if you decide to quit before sending, we get none of your personal data or your answers. If you decide to send the data, we will process your answers, create a nice PDF and send it to you via E-Mail.

Wait.. what do you need my E-Mail for, then?

Good Question. We try to save as little information about you as possible. Therefore, if we displayed your results in your browser, and you'd close the window, your results would be gone. Because we cannot persist your data for long, we also cannot offer an option to download the results. We figured sending them via E-Mail allows you to keep your results permanently, while still maintaining your privacy. There is another reason having to do with anonymization. See below for more information.

Have fun on your journey!

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Character Strengths
Character Strengths
This test measures 24 different character strenghts.


What research are you doing and what does that have to do with me?

The YAPS project is about you, and getting to know yourself. On the other hand, the project generates huge amounts of data that can be very very helpful to researchers all around the world. We do not store any personal information about you, but we store your results in an anonymized way, so noone will ever be able to link your results back to you. We use this data for our research projects. Also, occasionally, we add a few questions to the end of your tests, to gather some additional information that is relevant to our research.

What tests are you offering?

YAPS is working with the International Personality Item Pool (IPIP). These items are public domain and are very well validated. They tend to correlate strongly with other commercially used instruments that measure personality. Some of the other items and / or scales were developed by us and are part of our research projects.

What norm samples do you use?

The IPIP Project does not supply norm tables. We use the aggregated data of all our users to create norms. Once each day, we create norm values from all existing measurements. If the number of participants is high enough, age, sex and gender specific norm values are generated. The groups are made in a way that the number of people in your sample is never below 20.

Can we have your data?

Yes you can. But our data is sensitive and not meant to be given out to just anyone. Please E-Mail us with a short description of your current projects and what you need the data for. Please note that all data is anonymized and does not contain personal information that can be linked to individual participants in any way.

Can we cooperate with YAPS for our research project?

Yes you can. Please get in contact with us via E-Mail and send us a short outline of what your project is about, what questionaires you need etc.. Please be aware that if we add a new questionaire to YAPS, the items must be in the public domain, and no copyrighted tests can be used. Also, we'd love to keep the test in the YAPS system so our users can continue to take the test. This way everyone can profit.

What research projects are you currently working on?

Currently, we are working on building up a suitable amount of results to generate good norm values for our measurements. Also we are working on a small study about totem/spirit animals and potential links to personality.



What data do you collect?

We collect your answers to the test, the answers to your biographical data, and we generate an individual code from your E-Mail adress. It's put through a state-of-the-art hashing algorythm that makes it impossible to de-cypher your E-Mail adress from the hash code (we use SHA-3-512). This is stored with your measurement, so we can see if you take the same test several times or different tests so we can link them together for our research. If you do not want that, you can use different E-Mail adresses or even throwaways.

How is it stored?

We store your data in our mysql-database on our server, where it sits safely, snuggly, and relatively secure. We make regular downloads of our database and give them to researchers for their projects to work with. We do not give out any E-Mail adresses.

What do you do with it?

Whenever there is a research project going on, we gather data until we have enough for our project at hand, then we download all of the data, filter it, make statistical shenanigans like calculating correlations, making T-Tests, ANOVAs and all the fun stuff. Then we use the data to fuel our research papers with data.

Can you delete my data from your database?

The short answer is no. Your data is anonymized so strongly, that we have no way to know which measurement was yours.



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